Handcrafted Ambrosia Maple Wane Edge Bowls

Made In Canada Gifts

SKU: 11797

 Made in Ontario

The wane edge combines with the smooth interior to reflect a balance between rugged natural beauty and functional form With this bowl, the craftsman strives to maintain as much of the natural tree as possible in the finished piece. 

Either Bark or Wane Edge, the rims on our Live Edge bowls are formed from the natural exterior of the tree. Our commitment to quality and excellent source of materials makes us one of the only producers of live edge serving bowls to guarantee a 100% bark rim. The wane edge bowl is a harmonious compromise between the shape and rustic rim of the bark bowl, and the durable clean edge of the round bowls. These bowls speak specifically to those unsure about the durability of the rustic bark edge, but looking for something non-traditional and “natural” in shape and colouring.

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