Men's A Can of Whoopass Crew Socks

SKU: 14174

 Designed in Canada

These socks are designed (but not made) in Canada.

Tired of your boring old socks? Step up your style with these rad Men's A Can of Whoopass Crew Socks! Not only do they bring a unique street style to any look, but one glance and your friends will know you mean business.

The regular crew socks are made from an 85% cotton blend with spandex added to the mix to give it the perfect amount of stretch for your feet. They have a reinforced heel and toe to make sure they last long because everyone hates holes in their socks more than anything else. The designs are knitted into the cotton base. These socks are great for everyday casual wear or when dressing up for that important business meeting.

Men's size 7-12

Made with 85% cotton, 10% polyester, 5% spandex

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