Moose Hide Moccasin Keychain

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  Made in the Northwest Territories

In the heart of the Deh Cho Region in Canada’s Northwest Territories live the Deh Gah Gotie Dene (people who live by the river). The Dene people are known as the keepers of the land, supporting conservation and respect for the wildlife and land. Long ago, the Deh Gah Gotie Dene lived nomadically, moving seasonally to follow game. They abided by the Dene Laws to conserve and take only what is needed from the land, using every part of the animals that they hunted.

Moose hide moccasin key chains are produced by local Dene people using skills handed down for countless generations in the Liard and Mackenzie Valleys. Home-tanned moose hide emits a smoky aroma reminiscent of the North.
Over 40 Deh Gah Gotie Dene producers living in Northwest Territories communities produce these moccasin key chains using a blend of ancestral techniques and themes with traditional materials.

Assorted colours and bead designs

Approximate dimensions 6" x 3.5"


Category: First Nations

Type: Key Chain

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