Musk Ox Horn Carving - Sandhill Crane with Caribou Antler Base

SKU: 13802

  Made in the Northwest Territories

Carvers in Ulukhaktok are known for creating intricate works of art with specific care and attention to detail. Many years ago, musk-ox horns and bones were carved to make tools. Today, artists use horns and bones to create unique and beautiful carvings.

Along the Arctic coast, muskox horn is a renewable material available to carvers. The natural sinuous curve of the horn makes it a popular medium to create beautiful bird sculptures, such as geese and Sandhill cranes with long graceful necks. When finely polished, the horns have a warm translucent glow. 

This piece was carved by Inuit artist Colin Okheena. Born in the 1960"s, Colin Okheena comes from a family of Ulukhaktok artists and is known for his Inuit sculptures. His love and passion for the land is reflected in his art, a family trait passed down from his parents, George and Mary Okheena to both him and his brothers Peter and Eddie. 

6 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 5 1/2"

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