Musk Ox Horn Carving - Sandhill Crane with Eggs on Musk Ox Boss Base

SKU: 14127

  Made in the Northwest Territories

Carvers in Ulukhaktok are known for creating intricate works of art with specific care and attention to detail. Many years ago, musk-ox horns and bones were carved to make tools. Today, artists use horns and bones to create unique and beautiful carvings.

Along the Arctic coast, muskox horn is a renewable material available to carvers. The natural sinuous curve of the horn makes it a popular medium to create beautiful bird sculptures, such as geese and Sandhill cranes with long graceful necks. When finely polished, the horns have a warm translucent glow. 

This piece was carved by Inuit artist Buddy "Nutik" Alikamik. Buddy learned to carve from his grandfather Jimmy Memogana (the late, great leader of Ulukhaktok Western Style Drummers and Dancers). He is known for his detailed musk-ox horn crane, whale and mask carvings. He has also worked as a guide on many sport hunts for musk-ox and polar bears and through his carpentry work has helped build many of the new homes in Ulukhaktok. When seeking peace and serenity for the soul, Buddy participates in western style drum dance gatherings.

8" x 11" x 5 1/2"

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