The Bear - Glass Etched Bowl

SKU: 13878

  Handcrafted in British Columbia

This etched glass bowl was created by Canadian Haida artist Michael Forbes Skilagiiwaas and features his Bear artwork.

Michael Forbes Skilagiiwaas is from the Stanley family (Haida) of Massett and Alexander family (Haida) of Haidaburg. He is a member of the White Ravel Clan. Originally from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Michael immersed himself in his First Nations culture and art as a child when he was inspired by the raising of a Haida Totem Pole. It is Michael's vision to share the beauty of his culture with people of all nations in a way that is unique and different so he began sand carving his designs into glass, creating art with a purpose.

The bowl measures 11" wide at the lip, 5" at the base, and 6" deep.

Category: Bears, Bowls, First Nations

Type: Glass Art