First Nations Cedar Balsam Soap

SKU: 17191

  Made in British Columbia

This First Nations all natural cedar balsam soap was created by Canadian Cree Medicine Woman Carrie Armstrong, based on teachings rooted in the sacred plants of the Medicine Wheel. This handmade soap is made from natural, sustainable oils and botanicals. The base of the soap consists of coconut, olive and sustainable palm oil with the addition of botanicals and essential oils to nourish the body, mind and soul.


Cedar is nature’s purifier and boasts a distinctly resinous fragrance. Leaves are cleaned from the stems and separated into small pieces to be used in many ways (for making tea, bathing and ceremony). It represents grounding, maturity, purification and balance. Elders suggest walking with cedar in your shoes to walk in a good way down your path and it was one of the first gifts of natural healing shared with settlers upon their arrival (its high vitamin C content was a great antidote for scurvy). It is the western direction of the medicine wheel.

Category: Canadian Soaps

Type: Bar Soap

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