Kuzy Curley

Koomuatuk (Kuzy) Curley is a sculptor, director, filmmaker, and curator hailing from Kinngait, Nunavut. Curley is a third-generation carver, having learned from his grandparents, Qaqaq and Mayoreak Ashoona, while spending his summers with them as a child. His carvings draw inspiration from his heritage, his experiences, and his hopes for the future to create thoughtful and moving statement pieces. He is comfortable working with a number of stones such as serpentine, alabaster, jade and marble, as well as material such as antler, horn, bone, and ivory.

In 2020, he received a grant from the Nunavut government to create a life-sized carving of his great-grandmother, renowned graphic artist Pitseolak Ashoona, that rests outside the Kinngait airport. His work ranges from pieces the size of a nickel to a 26-ton sculpture outside York University in Toronto.