Bakeapple Jam

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  Made in Newfoundland

All of our amazing Newfoundland wild berry products are made on the Great Northern Peninsula in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. They are created using unique wild berries. These berries, picked by hand, are carefully processed without additives resulting in a quality product that is both distinctive and delicious.

Bakeapple (Rubus Chamaemorus) is anglicized from the French, "baie qu'appelle..." meaning, "what is this berry called..?", and is internationally known as a 'Cloudberry'. It is similar in appearance to a large raspberry and has what some say is a distinct honey/apricot-like flavour. The color is orange/yellow when ripe and grows one berry to a plant approximately 3-4" high. Bakeapples are members of the rose family having close relatives such as the raspberry, blackberry, nagoonberry, and thimbleberry. Bakeapples occupy a variety of moist northern tundra and peat bog habitats. These berries are extremely rich in vitamin C and contain few calories.


Ingredients: sugar and bakeapples  

Category: Bakeapple, Jams

Type: Specialty Foods

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