Cottage Collection - Print #63 (Magnet)

SKU: 13380

10.5 cm x 7 cm

Renée Bovet was born in Montreal, Quebec. She completed her studies in fine arts in 1978 and then plunged heart and soul into a highly refined means of expression, painting on silk. She is now a master at her craft and though her style bears the mark of maturity, it has lost none of its spontaneity. Her works, brimming with joy and vivacity, have retained that freshness which first caught the public's eye. Winner of the Salon des métiers d'arts Public Choice Award, this accomplished artist paints vibrant outdoor scenes in a most remarkable way, using silk as her canvas and special liquid dyes to capture the light for every image she chooses to immortalize. Renée Bovet is an artist with a unique talent for sensing and depicting our joie de vivre. 

Enjoy the quite beauty and feel the relaxation wash over you with prints from the Cottage & Lake Series from Renée Bovet. Perfect for the cottage or to remember lake time while in the city!  

Type: Magnets

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