First Nations Blue Moon

SKU: 16006

  Made in British Columbia

This First Nations Moon was designed by Gitxsan/Cree Native artist Trevor Husband and created by metal artist Jerrod Pinder.

Trevor was born and raised on Haida Gwaii. His mother's family is Cree from Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan, French and Irish. His father's family is Gitxsan, English and Scottish. Trevor grew up fishing, hunting, camping, and enjoying being close to nature and in a tight knit community, eventually settling with his family in Cowichan Valley.

He apprenticed under Coast Salish artist Herb Rice, learning the craft of wood carving, working on plaques and totems. After a couple of years Trevor started to develop his own style, which draws from his own experience of growing up around Haida art; living in Duncan, the "City of Totems", which provided many different examples of different carving styles; and studying different styles up and down the coast. He is currently working to develop a unique style that draws from tradition, yet pushes the boundaries of the form into new places. As someone of mixed heritage, he tries to keep the spirit of Northwest art while using modern mediums and innovation to bring it to new places.

 This piece measures 24" tall

The moon is the Grandmother energy.  She regulates our emotions by controlling the tides, and we keep time with her as well. 

Raven stole the Moon from Sky Chief along with the stars and sun and put them in the sky for all.

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