Flicker - Mountable

SKU: 14130

  Made in British Columbia

This stunning woodpecker can be mounted on any vertical surface such as a tree, a fence post, etc. The layers and spacing incorporated by the artist give the piece a tremendous sense of depth.

Anvil Island Design artist Jack Willoughby lives on Vancouver Island where the ocean beaches give him much of his inspiration. Jack's career as an artist began in steel working, then teaching metal work at a Vancouver college where the freedom to create his own designs soon led him to start up Anvil Island Design. Jack's unique metal art is sold throughout North America, Europe and Japan. The strength and simplicity of his work makes it equally at home in the house, office or outdoors.

This piece measures 13.5" h x 5.5" w x 4.5" d

Category: Birds, Jack Willoughby

Type: Metal Art

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