Bay of Fundy Tides Soy Candle

SKU: 15342

  Handcrafted in Nova Scotia

Our hand-crafted soy candles are made in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia and are inspired by the beauty and fragrances of Canada's east coast. All of these 7oz soy candles are crafted in small batches using cotton based wicks, natural fragrances and soy wax, which burns completely clean. Unlike regular paraffin candles which are made from petroleum oil, our soy candles are made from soy oil (soybeans) which contain no toxins and do not emit any CO2 into our environment. The burn time for these candles is 35 hours.

Fundy Tides - The Bay of Fundy has the highest (and lowest) tides in the world. This is a light, briny scent that will transport you right to the ocean floor.

Type: Candle

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