Sweet Smokey Maple Sea Salt

SKU: 12189

  Made in British Columbia

These sea salts are smoked in small batches using hardwood Maplewood. That smokey sea salt is then blended with real Canadian Organic sweet Maple. If you’re a Salmon lover you won’t find anything better to complement it. Use this as a rub on fish, chicken or pork. A wonderful seasoning for your candied pecans or root veggies. Use it to make a tasty balsamic smokey maple salad dressing. Add it to some sautéed mushrooms or onions for a great burger topper too! Such a great salt to compliment so many different dishes, this yummy addition will have the creative chef in you coming up with all kinds of tasty blends!

All natural, vegan, & gluten free!

40g | 1.5oz

Ingredients: Certified organic Canadian maple sugar, maple wood smoked Canadian sea salt

Category: Salts

Type: Specialty Foods

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