Get To Know Artist Jack Willoughby of Anvil Island Design

October 26, 2016 1 Comment

Get To Know Artist Jack Willoughby of Anvil Island Design

Jack Willoughby
Anvil Island Design
Canadian Made Metal Art & Sculptures

Canadian metal artist Jack Willoughby is renowned around the world for his stunning metal art pieces and sculptures. Combining his quick wit and his unique sense of humour with amazing artistic talent, his designs reflect how nature speaks to him.

Originally from San Francisco California, Jack has lived in British Columbia since the 1960’s. Coming by his knowledge and love of steel honestly as a high-steel ironworker, Jack worked on many of the same Vancouver’s landmark skyscrapers that now showcase his art.

As an ironwork teacher at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Jack was inspired by a student to re-create a howling coyote in steel and the passion was born!  Working with Vancouver’s leading designers, he has created unique metal sculptures and art that has created a following in the North American art community and notable galleries hungry for more of Jack’s work.

His shop in Lander, B.C. was soon outgrown and Jack moved to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island and Anvil Island Design was born.

Jack often finds his inspiration in the beauty of British Columbia and Canada when on his boat or Harley Davidson with his wife and best friend Barb.  He transfers his sketches onto his computer where, with the aid of Auto-Cad software, they are then transferred to a plasma cutter and after much fine tuning, a final design that meets with Jack’s approval is created.

Jack is now known as the premier metal artist in North America and his designs can be found in homes and galleries around the world. We hope that you appreciate the beauty in every one of Jack’s pieces and that you find that one piece that speaks to you.

 Jack truly is a man of steel!

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January 14, 2022

We just purchased the Whale while we were in Jasper. Its a beautiful addition to a brick feature wall. Love it.

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