September 25- Celebrating la Journée Franco Ontarienne!

September 25, 2021

September 25- Celebrating la Journée Franco Ontarienne!

Why is September 25 so important across the province of Ontario every year? Well, it's la Journée Franco Ontarienne, of course!

This day of celebration dates back to 1975, when Michel Dupuis and Gaétan Gervais raised the flag to express pride in their identity and community, according to Mon Drapeau Franco. The two teachers at the University of Sudbury created this flag, including a trillium flower to represent the province of Ontario, the colour green to represent the summer months in Ontario and white for the winter months.

Although la Journée Franco Ontarienne has been celebrated for decades now, it only officially got its name in 2010. Now, it is celebrated across the province annually to recognize the contributions francophone Ontarians have made in the province.

La Journée Franco Ontarienne is a huge symbol of pride for French speaking and francophone Ontarians because it reminds us all why they choose to speak French and continue familial and cultural traditions. It is a day of education for everyone, as French speaking Ontarians share the significance of the French language to them and the history of the presence of French in the province of Ontario. 

Vive la francophonie!!




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